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We invite you to get to know more about us and our farm!
It is a wonder how we ever decided to raise any kind of livestock as neither of us grew up around it or really knew what we were getting into. We didn't realize that goats needed more than a little grass, water and some shelter as this is what we were originally told. Learning a lot very quickly (some of it the hard way) our whole family has become very attached to these creatures of God's creation and we went into this full "BOER"!   We hope you enjoy our story...........


Dennis, a carpenter/contractor by trade and Helena a nurse had Very little exposure to raising animals.We learned ALOT quickly and started noteven knowing the hooves needed to be trimmed! Going into our 10th year we have not regretted this venture and continue to enjoy these 4 legged creatures God has given us. We enjoy educating other now on goat care and do welcome questions.
After being married a few years and having children plus mom moving in we needed more room. We purchased a place on 40 acres so Dennis could hunt, and yes, he still gets to.  We had continued commuting 2 hrs one way to the Mpls/St.Paul metro area to work.  One day while having a casual conversation with my employer, who is Nigerian, asked what we were doing with that land we were on. I simply said,   "what do you mean?" He replied, "why don't you raise some goats?" My response was, "why would we want to do that?" Evans informed me then, "we eat them!"  Needless to say, I had never heard to this except in old testament Bible stories.....unbelievable! After reaserching we have found that 80% on the world eats "Chevon" and a growing number of northern european desendants that have not eaten goat before are now because of people looking for healthier diets.
Since our first few years of going into business,we have sold locally in Mn as well as Wisconsin, Illinois, Wyoming, South Dakota and North Dakota.  We are centrally located in Mn. and also only 4 hours from the Manitoba border.



Now the thought entertaining started and went home and spoke with Dennis about this.  He thought I was nuts but upon some research and my perstering him gave the okay and we purchased our first few dairy goats.  Not long afterward we purchased a starter herd of Boer goats and fell in love with them.
Yes, we also eat the goat meat (chevon) now and have found it to be a tasty and healthy alternative to beef.  The flavor has a mildly sweet delicate flavor but care must be taken as goats do not marble fat in the meat so while cooking care must be taken to cook slower, longer and not allowed to dry out.
Our children and I have had fun making cheese and discovering what little miss muffet was talking about her curds and whey, watching them separate. This was an excellent learning experience for all of us....
Please see our link for hand made goat milk soap.  Rain water based soap is also available.

Since then we have acquired some of the most well respected bloodlines and brought in fullblood solid red and fullblood solid black bucks. Integrating the colored genetics with already well muscled traditional goats has been really exiting.
Starting with 10 does and 1  buck we now have approximately 100 head at any given time and more on the way this spring. We have everything from commercial non registered stock to show quality registered fullblood stock.  We also have bred or exposed does for sale.  We have doelings that will be bred to "Zeus" in March for sale as well as mature does.  These all have excellent bloodlines, including the commercial stock.
Our location on the east side of Mille Lacs Lake is wonderfully located for northern people looking for their goats!  Most locations from Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa or even Manitoba can be done in 7 hours or much less.




H & H Goat Haven

Helena & Dennis Oslowski
McGrath, MN 56350


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